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Keysight Lan RF Power Sensor - U2049xA

10 MHz to 33 GHz LAN Power Sensor - U2049XA 



With broad frequency coverage of 10 MHz to 33 GHz, the U2049XA LAN power sensor comes with a dynamic range spanning 90 dB, this sensor is ideal for fault detection and monitoring of satellite systems. The U2049XA power sensor comes with optional thermal vacuum compliant option (Option-TVA) for use within a thermal vacuum chamber. Together with internal zero and calibration and best-in-class long term drift performance, the U2049XA enables automated performance monitoring without needing human intervention.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Wide dynamic range (-70 to +20 dBm) for small signal measurements
  • LAN/ Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) connectivity for long distance remote monitoring (up to 100 meter)
  • TVAC compliant for operation in vacuum
  • Best-in-class long term drift performance
  • Internal zero and automatic calibration saves time and reduces measurement uncertainty
  • Easy measurement start-up with new intuitive BenchVue software 

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