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EndaceConsole: network-wide packet search and retrieval


EndaceConsole™ is a light-weight virtual machine application that can deployed in an EndaceFabric™. Simple to deploy, with a user-friendly GUI, EndaceConsole is an easy way to access Network History from across your network. 

Users can deploy as many instances of EndaceConsole as needed to support simultaneous data mining and facilitate investigations for multiple users.

EndaceConsole’s key features are:

  • Provides an API proxy to all REST API versions when querying EndaceProbes.
  • Easy-to-use browser interface for searching and retrieving Network History.
  • Download packet capture files to secure network or file storage for archival or analysis.

Search Multiple EndaceProbes Simultaneously

The EndaceConsole allows you to search multiple EndaceProbe™ Analytics Platforms simultaneously or zero in on a specific probe. This lets analysts focus investigations on specific groups of EndaceProbes and gives administrators the ability to control who can access EndaceProbes that are capturing particularly sensitive or confidential information.

EndaceConsole has an easy-to-use GUI interface to streamline the process and allows you to:

  • Create data-mining sessions
  • Start downloads
  • Search multiple EndaceProbes at once
  • Save packet trace files to SAN, NAS or local storage in pcap or ERF format.

EndaceConsole gives you control over security

EndaceConsole also offers control over security, allowing you to select which EndaceProbes are analyzed and where the packet data or results are stored such as NAS, SAN or local storage. This control over security means you can choose who sees what, keeping your sensitive data safe within your organization.

EndaceConsole as an API Proxy

As an API Proxy, EndaceConsole simplifies configuration and works with all versions of OSm. It also works with all versions of the REST API and translates between them – allowing old applications to keep using older API versions. The EndaceConsole will automatically translate any queries to the latest version of the REST API that the target EndaceProbe supports.


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