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IneoQuest PLM

PLM (Program Lineup Manager)

With the dynamic nature of video delivery networks, managing the configuration of monitoring systems can be labor intensive and consume hundreds of staff hours.

Program line-ups are constantly changing, as are program groupings and the transports that carry the groups. An improperly configured monitoring system will lead to false positives and problems identifying errors and impairments, thus making program line-up and quality management a nightmare.

The Program Line-Up Manager (PLM) is a centralized configuration management tool that ensures IneoQuest’s video management system is running optimally, building confidence in results reported across all applications. By automating and scheduling the download of program line-up changes, PLM removes a lot of the manual work required to make the necessary ongoing changes and updates.

A simple and seamless process ensures program identification, alarm template structure and probe inventory align to best represent the health of the network.

PLM Data Sheet

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