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IneoQuest iVMS


iVMS Video Management System

IneoQuest’s Video Management System, iVMS, oversees the health of the entire video delivery network.
It is the key to efficiently pinpointing and resolving issues wherever they occur in the network.

With a quick click of the mouse, you can drill down to identify and isolate the root cause of issues by program, time and location.

iVMS detects customer impacting events, sends alerts and rapidly isolates faults while providing tools for remote troubleshooting. It tracks thousands of programs across hundreds of probes in a centralized system to provide true end to-end video quality management.

iVMS aggregates QoS & QoE data collected on a per program basis from the probes and correlates it into intelligent views that provide an overall understanding of network performance.

Northbound and email services alert technicians and engineering of problems so resources can be dispatched quickly, reducing the mean time to repair.

The system provides real-time monitoring and performance analysis customized to address individual requirements.

No matter where you are located and what level of detail is necessary, you can simply log onto iVMS to access the data intelligence needed to manage your network.

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