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IneoQuest Inspector

Inspector Family

The Inspector family is designed to inspect your video content both before and after content preparation (encoding, transcoding, and packaging) and provide the metrics you need to be sure the video going to your viewers is ready for prime time. Along with a long list of standard features, IneoQuest’s proprietary iQ-MOS technology provides a simple 1-5 score for your content’s Quality of Experience (QoE) level while a bits per pixel metric allows you to align your delivery costs with the desired QoE. In addition, Inspector products check that your content preparation block provides smooth, QoS-friendly output streams. And when a deeper inspection is called for, thumbnails and video streams are available for greater analysis.

Inspector LAB

IneoQuest’s Inspector LAB was designed as a standalone test tool that provides deep QoE and QoS measurements and analytics in real-time on live/linear video streams. It includes an IneoQuest developed video quality scoring technology that effectively grades video streams in real time.

Inspector LAB Data Sheet 

Inspector LIVE

Inspector LIVE is a versatile acquisition element that combines both quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) measurements, offering the visibility necessary to understand the status of the network and improve the delivery of video services for both linear TV and adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming delivery networks. Modular by design, Inspector LIVE offers video providers the ability to customize the interface based on their unique requirements.

Inspector LIVE Data Sheet 

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