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IneoQuest cVOC

cVOC (Consolidated Video Operations Center)

cVOC is the FoQus platform’s pinnacle iQ Engine. It pulls together all of your FoQus platform elements into a single, powerful, comprehensive view – a view that only IneoQuest can provide across the video assurance industry. By pulling together iVMS and AMP ASM solution data from across your networks, cVOC can tie together issues occurring at viewer devices to a head-end root cause. Or alternatively, it can identify the viewer impact scope an encoder issue will have. With cVOC, access to the data intelligence needed to monitor the entire video delivery network is just a log-in away.

IneoQuest’s cVOC platform provides the industry’s first real-time look into the health status of both linear broadcast TV and adaptive streaming video for complete visibility across the entire video distribution network.

Designed to simplify real-time monitoring of video services across multiple video network subsystems and streamline operations, cVOC provides data intelligence to correlate the aggregated QoS & QoE data on a per program basis from multiple IneoQuest video management systems. cVOC’s ability to present data from iVMS® and iVMS ASM to provide a single view of video delivery health while efficiently pinpointing issues the magnitude of impact on the consumer experience. It is a scalable system that provides the essentials for true end-to-end video service assurance platform, simplifying the complexities of all the aggregated performance data collected by incorporating program availability measurements on a per program basis. So, no matter where you are located and what level of detail you require, simply log onto cVOC to access the data intelligence needed to monitor, troubleshoot and maintain the most valuable assets of your business success.

cVOC Data Sheet

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