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IneoQuest cPAR

cPAR (Consolidated Performance and Reporting)

cPAR can simplify your ability to quickly get the answers you need. cPAR extends the capabilities of your FoQus platform (iVMS, iVMS ASM, or cVOC systems) by performing analysis of very large data sets over long periods of time. It extends the historical record-keeping capabilities of your FoQus platform, and provides reports customization so that you can create the dashboards that you need to expand your video business intelligence.

cPAR can be configured to support Linear IP, Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) IP, and RF/QAM networks, and offers support for mobile reporting to iOS devices.

Managing video quality and performance isn’t easy. Video networks are complex and generate vast amounts of complex data. Monitoring systems can bombard operations and engineering with alarms and information, making it difficult to understand an event. The challenge is using this data to understand the long-term implications of quality performance while quickly analyzing it to maximize its value.

cPAR provides new insights to make better decisions about managing video services, improving performance management and solving systemic issues. cPAR collects performance data from a single or multiple IneoQuest video management systems, providing a single, simple interface for analytics and historic reporting. With cPAR, users can create customized dashboards, reports, documents and troubleshooting tools to better understand the information generated from the network. By storing data over long periods of time, cPAR benchmarks performance to ensure that providers improve over time.

cPAR provides a flexible platform to meet the needs of any video network. Its analytics engine allows custom dashboard, report, document, and analysis creation. cPAR Mobile supports all basic cPAR analytical functionality, so users can bring their video analytics with them everywhere. Whether it is one or multiple monitoring systems, 6 months or 2 years of data, cPAR can meet any customers’ analytical needs.

cPAR Data Sheet

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