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Opale/Malden MultiDSLA - Voice & Audio Performance Assessment

 MultiDSLA - Voice & Audio Performance Assessment

The MultiDSLA test system for speech quality (MOS) evaluation helps by leading operators, terminal and network equipment manufacturers, chipset vendors and enterprises to understand and enhance user satisfaction.

Voice communications systems delivering poor quality of service can have a significant negative impact on corporate image, and customer satisfaction.
Subjective methods of measuring speech quality, if done poorly, lead to inaccurate and unrepeatable results and if done well are both expensive and time-consuming. MultiDSLA utilises objective measurement technology to enable the user to manage Quality of Service, powerfully and effectively.
Trusted Malden measurement know-how is delivered in a versatile system which combines powerful network-wide testing with simple to use management tools.

  • Network-Wide Testing - call performance between any end points
  • Trustful and accurate - measurements are based on latest international standards
  • Scalable Architecture - makes it usable from the Lab environment to Enterprise Network Operations
  • Management by Exception - report generation allows management by exception
  • In-Depth Analysis - drill-down and detailed graphical metrics help resolve problems quickly
  • SLA Verification - scheduled tests allow long term analysis
  • Ease of Use - simple and intuitive user interface helps you make the job faster
  • Flexibility - local and remote operation offers additional flexibility and reduced head-count
  • Reduced Engineering Time - automation reduces regression testing time


Data Sheet - MultiDSLA Voice & Audio Performance Assesment

Data Sheet - MultiDSLA Nodes Datasheet 

Data Sheet - MultiDSLA Controller Datasheet

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