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Opale Systems (formerly Malden) delivers reference speech quality measurement systems to the telecommunications community. With carefully designed interfaces to VoIP, mobile, satellite and wireline networks, our products are used to define and confirm performance standards all over the world.

Opale Systems – Malden products are used by:

  • Network operators for product evaluation, benchmarking and service level agreement confirmation
  • Handset manufacturers in development and product qualification
  • Mobile infrastructure manufacturers and integrators in system capability verification
  • IP network equipment makers for development and regression testing
  • Enterprises managing international voice networks

The MultiDSLA system has brought multiple SIP, H.323, ISDN, and DSLA endpoints together to create a powerful, scalable, voice network test environment for the determination of Quality of Experience.

 Comdate partners with Opale/Malden to provide

      Opale/Malden MultiDSLA - Voice & Audio Performance Assesment 

       Opale/Malden Analogue (DSLA)

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