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Cleafy provides cybersecurity solutions protecting enterprise companies and their customers from today’s sophisticated and elusive threats. Cleafy vision is that to protect business services you need to assume that all web/mobile endpoints are infected and that user identities are compromised and that only direct, real-time evidences of threats can provide effective support for fraud detection and management.

Cleafy threat detection solution is based on unique, client-less, real-time integrity detection, pattern clustering and malicious code extraction technology. Cleafy seamlessly integrate with server-side infrastructure, does not require any application change and is completely transparent to end-users.

Cleafy solution can reduce the risk of frauds, improve your customer satisfaction and benefit the operational efficiency of your Security team. Cleafy has been adopted by major corporate and retail banks to protect millions of users and successfully prevention-line frauds.

Cleafy protects web and mobile applications from tampering attempts and deploys countermeasures to guarantee data and content integrity at scale.

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     Market Guide for Online Fraud Prevention - 2018

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