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Synopsys Defensics




Bringing the Unknown Into View

With security and transparency emerging as Board-level mandates, there is a renewed urgency to find the vulnerabilities that put business performance at risk. Defensics is a next-generation security testing platform that enables builders and users of technology to rapidly, reliably and efficiently find and correct dangerous errors and flaws. By proactively bringing the unknown into total view, Defensics sets the bar for superior vulnerability management.

Defensics provides the highest quality preemptive security and robustness. The technology at the core of Defensics is known as fuzz testing, a methodology that tests for unknown vulnerabilities by systematically sending invalid or unexpected inputs to the system under test, exposing software defects and vulnerabilities more effectively than any other solution in the market.

Defensics Features

Reliable Easy to Use Security Testing

Defensics is an easy to use test solution that gets you up-to-speed quickly. Clear and logical user interface will guide testing, security and development teams through every step of the testing process.

Extensive protocol coverage

Defensics generational model-based testing modules are available for over 270+ standard network protocols, file formats and other interfaces. These tests can be further enhanced with advanced features and modules, allowing the testing of any network protocol, service interface or application file format.

Accurate, actionable reports

Defensics provides accurate, easy to interpret reports. The reports have direct links to test cases identifying specific problems, which helps sharing detailed test results within your organization, making results easy to act upon.

Clear paths to remediation

Defensics creates workflows outlining clear paths to remediation. Detailed, online documentation for each test case expedites problem resolution, helping remediate flaws discovered from the systems under test.

The Solution That Found Heartbleed

Defensics was the primary platform being used when the Heartbleed flaw was identified. A security research was running a routine test of the Defensics feature, SafeGuard, identifying the flaw that had gone unidentified for over two years and impacted over 500,000 websites.

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