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Synopsys AbuseSA




Threat Intelligence Platform

Nations face new attacks daily, as new actors emerge with new exploits and threats. Well-focused, and well-funded cyber-attacks require an equally intentional, collaborative and real-time response. AbuseSA delivers access to the most comprehensive, real-time intelligence.

AbuseSA delivers the comprehensive intelligence to put governments, CERTs, and cyber authorities in control of their defense strategy in order to secure a more resilient world. With AbuseSA organizations can automatically collect, process, report and visualize abuse information. AbuseSA collects actionable threat information from external sources and notifies relevant stakeholders as defined by simple network asset information provided by the owner of the system.

AbuseSA Features


Fully Automated Situation Awareness

AbuseSA enables organizations to navigate threats and incidence of abuse more efficiently and effectively by automating the time-consuming task of data collection, aggregation and analysis. AbuseSA utilizes a network of bots to automatically collect and process abuse information quickly and efficiently. Bots collect, normalize, sanitize, augment, filter and smart dedupe abuse data and information, providing you with real-time situation awareness, and serving as your own vast network of security experts

Multi-Source Intelligence Aggregation and Monitoring

AbuseSA collects data from both internal and external sources across a multitude of formats (XML, CSV, JSON, etc). These external sources include all good-quality security and threat intelligence resources including those distributed by leading security companies and voluntary organizations. AbuseSA can also tap into internal resources, connecting data resources and creating a unified and collaborative report on threat incidents and indicators.

Platform-Agnostic Unified Reporting and Threat Visualization

AbuseSA is a platform agnostic solution that enables you to see the state of the nation in an instant. Governments, CERTs and cyber authorities can quickly understand who within the nation routinely responds to incidents, who has trouble with incident detection and who is lagging in response. Real-time visualizations to spot incidents quickly can be delivered to all relevant stakeholders, based on the administrator’s specifications, providing high-level visualizations or drilled-down, detailed information to allow teams to investigate further.

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