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Badu Networks WarpGateway Soho





WarpGateway SoHo - TCP Optimization Proxy Appliance

WarpGateway™ from Badu Networks is designed to optimize your existing wireless networks without costly network equipment or end user device upgrades. WarpGateway™ Soho is a transparent optimization proxy that sits between an Internet modem and local Wi-Fi network (see diagram below), available in a compact form factor that offers a simple plug-and-play installation.

WarpGateway - SoHo

SoHo's are using more and more data as all content moves to the cloud. People are glued to their screens, streaming videos and checking Facebook. As phone screen resolution increases and speeds go up, customers have a lower and lower tolerance for slow or spotty Wi-Fi. Nowadays, the quality of your Wi-Fi can make or break your Yelp review. Badu Networks’ products enable consumers to improve the efficiency of their networks resulting in a much more robust user experience.

WarpGateway™ offers the following features:

  • TCP Optimization Proxy Appliance
  • Up to 100Mbps throughput
  • Improves downloads and uploads by 20% – 100%
  • Plug and play installation using WarpAdmin™ management tool

WarpGateway™ - SoHo is a scalable network appliance that can easily be deployed in small, medium or large enterprise environments including Wi-Fi hot spots. It optimizes your Wi-Fi network to improve data throughput speeds by 20% - 100%. The installation is plug and play and easy to manage using the WarpAdmin™ administrator tool.


  WarpGateway - SoHo Product Brief

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