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Badu Networks WarpGateway Branch Office





WarpGateway Branch - Branch Office Appliance

The WarpGateway Branch solution is designed to improve application response time without the need for costly network equipment or end user device upgrades. It is a transparent optimization proxy that sits between your Internet connection and local Wi-Fi or Ethernet network.

WarpGateway Branch accelerates downloads and uploads by up to 100% depending on network conditions. Performance for WarpGateway Branch depends on network variables such as round trip time (RTT), packet loss %, available bandwidth, size of content, and other factors. It is based on Badu’s WarpTCP™ technology, which was developed specifically to perform well in wireless networks.

WarpGateway Branch — TCP Optimization Proxy Appliance

WarpGateway Branch is built on Badu Networks’ patented WarpTCP technology designed with the future in mind, to serve the dramatic increase in network traffic, mobile devices, users, and globalization. WarpTCP is not WAN optimization or caching - WarpTCP handles TCP by making it smarter. Badu’s single-box solutions handle encrypted traffic, optimize bandwidth utilization, and perform for high noise networks like Wi-Fi, Cloud, and mobile. By delivering up to a 10x improvement in performance and throughput WarpTCP ensures you’ll get the most out of your network. 

Available as a 1 RU half deck appliance WarpGateway-Branch offers the following features:

  • TCP Optimization Proxy Appliance
  • Improves application response time from Remote and Branch offices
  • Up to 100Mbps throughput
  • HW and SW bypass options
  • Plug and play installation using WarpAdmin™ management tool

 WarpGateway Branch Product Brief

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