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Ixia Flex Taps




Flex Tap


Visibility on Tap

Delivers total traffic visibility for network monitoring and security tools


Problem: sacrificing performance for security

These days, organizations demand reliable, continuous visibility into network traffic. But network monitoring and security tools can lead to network performance degradation and disruption if not used carefully. This presents a unique challenge to today’s enterprises, government agencies, and service providers: how to achieve total traffic visibility for network monitoring and security tools without introducing points of failure in the network.

Solution: A flexible and scalable solution for 100% visibility

Built using fiber-optics, Ixia Flex Taps deliver 100% visibility into network traffic and permanent, passive access points while preserving top network performance. That’s because each tap in the Ixia Flex Tap™ family is modular, can support network speeds of up to 100Gbps, and is 100% passive. At the same time, Flex Taps allow you to effectively monitor network performance, avoiding issues of degradation and disruption. Flex Taps are also versatile: each is compatible with all protocols and monitoring devices, and can be deployed at any inline connection on the network without increasing overhead or management workflows.

Key features

  • Delivers low insertion loss to minimize impact on data flows
  • Features a fully passive monitoring infrastructure that does not impact network availability
  • Saves valuable rack real estate with its high-density design
  • Does away with the costly need to manage SPAN ports
  • Works with all major manufacturers’ monitoring devices, including protocol analyzers, probes, and intrusion detection systems

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